Why the Pipette Cannot Suck Properly

There are several reasons for the pipette’s failure to suck properly.

Firstly, we can install the original suction head on the pipette to test the function. If the pipette with the original head can work normally, there is no problem with the pipette. The reason may be the leakage of air caused by the mismatching between the suction head and the pipette.

Secondly, if the pipette is always equipped with the same suction head and cannot suck properly suddenly, the problem is not the suction head. It is very likely that the pipette has not been maintained for a long time. What we can do is removing the suction head thrust ring, suction head conical sleeve and other parts of the pipette, wiping the piston with alcohol, and removing all kinds of dirt.
And then we can apply the silicone grease to the piston part, re-install the unloaded parts and press the operation button to distribute the silicone grease on the piston to the sleeve. Finishing above, the pipette can be used normally.

Thirdly, if the pipette cannot be used normally after maintenance, the parts of the pipette may be damaged.