Snap Top Sample Vials

Top : Snap Top Vials
Caliber : 11 mm
Volume : 2 ml
Color : Clear & Amber
Scale : 12 x 32 mm



Description of Snap Top Sample Vials

Hawach snap top sample vials also known as autosampler bottles, use a first-grade hydrolysis glass, which is extremely chemically compatible. We utilize proprietary laminating/ bonding and conditioning technology to produce them with ease of needle penetration.

Features of Snap Top Sample Vials

  • 2mL, 12 x 32 mm, 11mm mouth
  • Color: Clear & Amber
  • Packaged in a unique box designed to reduce vial breakage
  • Unique snap design for easy operation
  • Selectable ceramic write-on spot with fill marks
  • Precision-formed neck for optimal robotic arm handling
  • The high quality cost-effective


  • Material: USP1, Borosilicate Glass
  • PTFE/Silicone/PTFE septa offered excellent resistance to coring
  • Compatible with a wide range of automatic samplers

Technical Data

Caliber11mmScale12 x 32 mm
Volume2mLColorClear & Amber

Ordering Information

Item #Description
Snap Top Vials,2ml
SSVN201C2mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth),USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SSVN211C2mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area, USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SSVN201A2mL Amber vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth),USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SSVN211A2mL Amber vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area,USP1 Borosilicate Glass
SSVN201C-22mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth)
SSVN211C-22mL Clear vial, 12×32mm, Snap Top(11 mm mouth), graduated with writing area
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