Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes

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Description of Advanced Fully Autoclave Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

The advanced fully autoclave single channel fixed pipettes are widely used in many fields, such as biology, chemical industry, and so on. The ergonomically designed pipette is light in weight and has little operating power, which can effectively prevent repetitive strain injury of hands (RSI). The pipette is made from high-tech material, which is resistant to chemical corrosion and high temperature. Meanwhile, it can be autoclaved and UV sterilized. Due to the piston is designed separately, each channel can be removed separately for easy maintenance and cleaning. The best advantage of advanced full pressure single channel fixed pipettes is a simple operation, especially continuous pipette operation .for instance, immunoassay, 96-well plate cell culture, or serial dilution.

Advantages of Advanced Fully Autoclave Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

Advanced Fully Autoclave Single Channel Fixed Pipettes is ideal pipette for liquid transport in the many areas of biological, chemical, etc. It can meet many high demands in labs. The pipette can be fully autoclaved and UV sterilized for safer operation. Being made of high-tech materials, pipettes are resistant to chemicals and high temperatures. Pipettes of Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd have twelve volume ranges from 5μL to 5mL, which can provide multiple choices for operators. All operations can be completed with one hand, the piston’s chemical resistance ensures accurate pipetting. The pipettes are equipped with a security logo, which is easy for identification by the user.


Single-channel Adjustable Volume Pipettes
Volume Range Increment Test Volume Maximum permissible systematic error (Inaccuracy) Maximum permissible random error (Imprecision)
% μL % μL
5μL 5μL 1.3% 0.065 1.2% 0.06
10μL 10μL 0.8% 0.08 0.8% 0.08
20μL 20μL 0.6% 0.12 0.5% 0.1

Ordering Information

Item Code Volume Specification Pcs/Pack
SLPSF001 5μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF002 10μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF003 20μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF004 25μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF005 50μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF006 100μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF007 200μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF008 250μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF009 500μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF010 1000μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF011 2000μL Autoclavable 1
SLPSF012 5000μL Autoclavable 1
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