Headspace Vials

10 ml, 22.5ⅹ50 mm, 20 ml, 27.5ⅹ70 mm, DM18
Material: USP1, Borosilicate Glass
Store volatile samples to prevent sample evaporation
High temperature resistance and corrosion resistance



Description of Headspace Vials

Headspace vials are a kind of laboratory vials for top space analysis, with the features of high-temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. A headspace vial is used in the process of top-gas chromatography. When detecting volatile or semi-volatile mixtures with high boiling points, we need to heat them to vaporize them at the top. In this process, since the liquid samples are at the bottom, the material in the top gas can be measured without touching the liquid in the sample vial.

With the use of headspace vials, the whole experiment can be prepared for analysis in an efficient and accurate way. The essence of this experiment is that the volatile sample is heated and vaporized to form a gas in the top space of the headspace vial and then diffuses. Finally, the gas in the vial enters the gas phase detection.

Top space gas analysis with the help of a headspace vial helps automate quality control or sample selection. Using modern instruments, through highly reproducible samples, the entire experiment can be prepared for analysis in an accurate manner.

Characteristics of Headspace Vials

  1. It has comprehensive compatibility with chromatographic instruments and “perfect fit” with instruments.
  2. Borosilicate clear glass material made vials with caps and cushions, to minimize possible interference with the sample bottles.


  1. Analyze the detection of organic solvents residual in alcohol, blood, and pharmaceutical products;
  2. Other common applications include the detection of industry analysis, gases from polymers and plastics, volatile substances in beverages and foods, perfumes, and cosmetics;
  3. Used for analyzing the gasification of volatile organic solid and liquid samples. In recent years, the popularity of this technology has been recognized by the global laboratory, especially for the analysis of alcohol, blood, pharmaceutical products, and so on.

Hawach Scientific does global supply for headspace vials of 10ml and 20ml in screw top and crimp top, they have magnetic screw caps and crimp caps aluminum with silicone/PTFE septa to make sure more widely chemical compatibility.

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