Septa and Cap for Snap Vials

Cap: Snap Top
Structure: Septa And Cap
Septa : PTFE & Silicone



Description of Septa and Cap for Snap Vials

Easy to use, ideal for storing powder samples. Because it is a push-type cap, it is not suitable for transporting liquid, an audible click ensures a secure seal has been formed and that the cap is correctly aligned. The temperature range of the snap top sample vials is 0-125 °C, and the temperature range of the cap is -40-70 °C.

Features of Septa and Cap for Snap Vials

Small order acceptable
Pre-assembled 11mm clear snap cap with 1mm PTFE/ Silicone septum

Deformation test of septa at different Temperature

Experiment Purpose:

To confirm Hawach septa has no deformation at high, low, and room temperatures of 100°C, -4°C, and 25°C.

Experiment process:

Keep 10 pcs Hawach septa at three different temperatures of 100℃, -4℃, and 25℃ for 6 hours separately, and then observe the deformation property under the magnifying glass.

Experiment result and discussion:

There is no obvious deformation of the Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd septa, showing that our septa have good shape keeping the property.

Septa and Cap for Snap Vials_Deformation test of septa at different Temperature

Technical Data

Septum MaterialCompatible withIncompatible withResealabilityMax.Temperature
PTFE resistance until punctured, then septa
will have compatibility of silicone
—-Average< 200°C
Alcohol, acetone, ether, DMF, DMSOACN, THF, benzene chloroform, pyridine,
hexane, heptane
Excellent< 200°C
or Butyl Rubber
PTFE resistance until punctured, then septa will have compatibility of rubber—-Good< 100°C
(Natural or Butyl)
ACN, acetone, DMF, alcohols, diethylamine,
DMSO, phenols
Chlorinated solvents, aromatics, hydrocarbon  carbon disulfideExcellent< 100°C

Ordering Information

Item #Description
Snap Top Vials, 2ml 12*32mm, Caps and Septa
SLSNC002SPreassemble, No pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + White plastic snap cap, for Snap Vials
SLSNC002SPPreassemble, Pre-slit PTFE/silicone septa + White plastic snap cap, for Snap Vials
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