Non-Sterile PP Pipette Tips

Pipette tips have three types: Advanced pipette tips, standard pipette tips and advanced filter pipette tips to meet the most requirement.



Description of Non-Sterile PP Pipette Tips

The Hawach pipette tip is produced in the clean rooms. It has 3 series: advanced pipette tip (import), standard pipette tip (made in China), and advanced filter pipette tip. The pipette tips consistently are of high quality and precise to meet different requirements in various applications. Being made from non-sterile PP materials, pipette tips feature as chemical resistance. Due to its compatibility with the most popular brands of pipettes, the Hawach pipette tips are commonly used in labs.

Features of Non-Sterile PP Pipette Tips

Wide choice: Three series of pipette tips can meet a majority of needs for users
Good design: thin wall, strong airtightness
Accurate pipetting: precise concentricity, tolerance is far less than industry standards
Wide choice of volume range: from 10ul to 10ml

Ordering Information

Advanced Pipette Tips
Item Code Product name Volume specification Pcs/Pack
SLAPT001 Advanced Pipette Tips 10μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLAPT002 200μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLAPT003 300μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLAPT004 1000μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLAPT005 5000μL non-sterile, PP 100
SLAPT006 10mL non-sterile, PP 250
Standard Pipette Tips
SLSPT001 Standard Pipette Tips 10μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLSPT002 200μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLSPT003 1000μL non-sterile, PP 500
SLSPT004 5000μL non-sterile, PP 100
Advanced Filter Pipette Tips
SLFPT001 Advanced Filter Pipette Tips 10μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLFPT002 200μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLFPT003 1000 μL non-sterile, PP 1000
SLFPT004 10μL non-sterile, PP 96
SLFPT005 200μL non-sterile, PP 96
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