Standard Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

We have a professional 5μl to 5ml standard single-channel pipette factory which can assure you of high quality


Description of Standard Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

Pipettes are devices for transporting traces of liquid, especially measured amount, which is commonly used in the areas of chemistry, biology, and medicine. With various designs in terms of levels of precision, pipettes serve for different purposes. Hawach standard single channel fixed pipettes are a semi-autoclaved, single-channel pipette with the fixed volume. Standard single channel fixed pipettes features as accuracy, user-friendly simple calibration and fast transporting. The ergonomically designed pipette is light in weight, its digital volume display and integrated ejector contribute to the quick and easy replacement of tips. Due to its compatibility with widely used standard pipette tips, it is often the favorite choice of labs.

Features of Standard Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

1. The wide range of Volume: 5ul to 5ml
2. Tip ejector: perfectly designed for narrow tubes
3. Precise setting: volume can be perfectly identified due to digital display
4. High comfort: the low force required when comparing the same range of pipettes to complete the draining force (must press the bottom), The less force means the lower the risk of finger damage caused by long-term use
5. Easy and quick calibration and repair: with accessory tools


Fixed Volume Pipettes
Volume Range Increment Test Volume Maximum permissible systematic error (Inaccuracy) Maximum permissible random error (Imprecision)
% μL % μL
5μL 5μL 1.3% 0.065 1.2% 0.06
10μL 10μL 0.8% 0.08 0.8% 0.08
20μL 20μL 0.6% 0.12 0.5% 0.1

Ordering Information

Item Code Volume Specification Pcs/Pack
SLMSF001 5μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF002 10μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF003 20μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF004 25μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF005 50μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF006 100μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF007 200μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF008 250μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF009 500μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF010 1000μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF011 2000μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF012 5000μL Half autoclavable 1
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