Advanced Half Autoclave Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

We have a professional 5μL to 5mL single-channel fix pipette factory which can assure you of high quality.


Description of Advanced Half Autoclave Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

The HAWACH advanced half autoclave single channel fixed pipettes are widely used for liquid transport in the areas of biological, chemical, clinical, food analysis, immunoassay, etc. Complete range of products with different volumes is available to meet your pipetting needs. The pipette is half-autoclave. The advanced, durable, and light material is used, which is chemically resistant and ensures accurate pipetting. Due to its great ergonomic design, the advanced half autoclave single channel fixed pipettes can be fully operated with one hand, users’ comfort can be maximized. Low-pressure tip injectors can prevent the splashing of corrosive solvents, reducing the risk of operator damaging or laboratory environment contamination.

Features of Advanced Half Autoclave Single Channel Fixed Pipettes

A wide range of Volume: 5μL – 5000μL
Half-autoclave: 121°C, high-pressure disinfection
Clear digital display: transparent range with zoom function, always facing the operator, fully realize the precise adjustment of the pipetting amount, the pipetting amount can be seen at any time
Streamlined design: conforms to ergonomics, helps avoid RSI(repetitive strain injury)
Excellent drainage capacity: until the last drop


Advanced Single-Channel Fixed Volume Pipettes Pipettes
Volume Range Increment Test Volume Maximum permissible systematic error (Inaccuracy) Maximum permissible random error (Imprecision)
% μL % μL
5μL 5μL 1.3% 0.065 1.2% 0.06
10μL 10μL 0.8% 0.08 0.8% 0.08
20μL 20μL 0.6% 0.12 0.5% 0.1

Ordering Information

Item Code Volume Specification Pcs/Pack
SLMSF001 5μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF002 10μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF003 20μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF004 25μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF005 50μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF006 100μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF007 200μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF008 250μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF009 500μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF010 1000μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF011 2000μL Half autoclavable 1
SLMSF012 5000μL Half autoclavable 1
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