Linear And Round Stand For Pipettes

Hawach Scientific Co., Ltd pipette stand has two type:
1. Linear stand to hold up to 6 pipettors
2. Rund stand fits the MicroPette Plus pipettes and holds up to 6 pipettes

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Description of Linear And Round Stand For Pipettes

The pipette stand has two series, linear and round stand for pipettes. Each stand can accommodate 6 single-channel pipettes or multi-channel pipette. The stand is light in weight, easy to organize and store. Also, it can be assembled conveniently. The non-slip and anti-shock pad is available on the bottom of the stand for pipette.

Features of Linear And Round Stand For Pipettes

Two options: Linear /Round pipette stands, both of them can accommodate 6 pipettes, single or multiple channels
Convenience: It is safe and clean to place the pipette on the stand after use, and it is very convenient to use the pipette for next time
The pipette stand keeps the work area in the lab clean and orderly. Avoid contamination of pipettes

Ordering Information

Item CodeSpecificationPcs/Pack
SLPSL001Linear Stand, Holds up to 6 Pipettes1
SLPSR001Round Stand, Fits MicroPipette Plus1
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