Hawach Mechanical Multi-Channel Pipettes

The Hawach mechanical multi-channel pipettes feature superior performance, smooth ergonomics and excellent safety.

Hawach mechanical multi-channel pipettes have a light pipetting operation pressure;
Long-term operation will not cause muscle damage, and the result of pipetting will not be affected by fluctuations in hand muscle fatigue, ensuring accurate experimental results;
The whole can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure (121 °C, 20 minutes);
It is made of excellent thermal insulation material, which will not cause the inaccurate pipetting due to the external temperature being transmitted into the internal piston system;
The handle has a support hook, and the left and right hands are operated equally;
There is a separate volume adjustment lock;
The independent suction head push-out operation does not interfere with the pipetting process, and does not cause the accidental tip to be pushed out during liquid discharge;
Equipped with a safety cone filter to prevent liquid backflow;

Mechanical multi-channel pipettes feature a special spring-loaded tip cone that allows the tip to be mounted to each channel with constant force. This in turn allows the tip to be enclosed in a single tip cone with minimal force, and also allows the tip to pop out lightly. In addition, the tip cone can be disassembled separately without any tools, making it quick and easy to maintain.

The tip is a non-sterile PP material that is suitable for most pipettes. The range is from 10 μL to 10 mL. Some guns have a filter element on top of them to prevent the sample from contaminating the pipette. It acts as a last barrier to prevent liquids and vapors from entering the internal components of the pipette.

The Hawach mechanical multi-channel pipettes’s slight tip ejection force combined with an ergonomic grip design reduces the risk of repetitive strain damage (RSI). Compression springs used in conventional pipettes make the operation of the push pipette heavy. The tension spring used in the Hawach pipette makes the force required to press the pipette four times lighter. In addition, this design allows for the use of equal pressure regardless of the amount of liquid being operated.