A New Helper in the Lab of Electronic Pipettes

By revolutionizing liquid handling in the modern lab, the invention of electronic pipettes is one of the greatest advances in pipetting technology.

First, for scientists who don’t have plenty of time in the lab, any advantage that can save time on pipetting is welcomed. Divided into all sorts of shapes and sizes, and with a variety of different technologies incorporated into the design, the electronic pipette can increase productivity in the lab.

Second, You can always know your electronic pipette dispenses the volume accurately by the digital display and motor operation. At the same time, using electronic pipette can reduce the possibility of human error.

Third, the manual pipette requires more hand movement and effort to carry out the same liquid handling tasks then the electronic pipette does. The new technology helps scientists maintain and increase their accuracy and precision.

Finally, The multitude of features on electronic pipettes is available. Most electronic pipettes come in single and multi-channel formats and the multiple modes like pipetting, reverse pipetting, mixing, diluting and multi-dispensing. It helps scientists increase their efficiency.

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Advanced Half Autoclave Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes
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