Pipette Suction Angle

In order to facilitate the observation of the condition of the sample in the tip during the pipetting process, many users will keep the pipette at an angle of 45 degrees or even closer to the horizontal angle during the pipetting process. But this is wrong again.

1. When removing a sample that approaches or reaches the maximum volume of the tip, the large angle of the pipette can easily cause the liquid to slip into the handle of the pipette, thereby contaminating or even corroding the piston of the pipette. Causing cross-contamination of the sample;

2. The large angle of the pipette tilt will also increase the contact surface of the outer wall of the tip with the liquid so that the liquid remaining on the outer wall when the tip leaves the liquid surface is more.

It is easy to follow the inside of the tip when draining The liquid leaves the tip together, which reduces the precision of the pipetting, and for these small amounts of liquid (for example, 2 ul and 10 ul) pipettes, the damage to the accuracy is likely to be fatal!

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