To List the Features of HAWACH Manual Pipette and Electronic Pipette

As a common tool used in labs, pipettes can transport measured volumes of liquid. You can find mechanical pipettes and electronic control pipettes in the market.

The HAWACH manual pipette features smooth piston movement and light weight for operational comfort and accuracy, and a wide range of adjustable capacities, making it suitable for a wide range of applications and with the best cost performance. Moreover, its outstanding support and service do not stop after delivery and customers always have free and unlimited access to their support team.

Three series of manual pipettes

HAWACH manual pipette is home to three series, standard, advanced and advanced plus. The first two are semi-autoclaves and the last one is full-autoclaves, which are more suitable for biology. Also, they can be divided into single-channel adjustable volume pipettes, single-channel fixed volume pipettes, and 8 /12-channel adjustable volume pipettes. Moreover, all the tip heads are made of PVDF.

Outstanding features

– Under ergonomic design;
– Extremely lightweight pipetting and excellent tip ejection performance;
– Easy to calibrate and maintain, fewer parts, easy to disassemble;
– Range lock with lock design;
– Clear figures show at a glance;
– Highly flexible tip connection cone ensures sealing and good chemical resistance;
– A wide range of tip suitability.

Advanced Fully Autoclave 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes Standard Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes

Comparative Advantage of Electronic Pipette

When choosing pipettes, the key points are accuracy, precision, and efficiency. You can find pipettes in a range of different shapes and sizes, and with a variety of different designs. And one of the greatest advances in pipetting technology is the electronic pipette.

One of the primary benefits of an electronic pipette is reducing the amount of time spent pipetting in the lab. Due to reduced thump activity during prolonged and repeated pipetting, using an electronic pipette also reduces scientists’ risk of repetitive strain injury. The digital e-pipette can increase the accuracy and precision of your applications too.

Besides the mechanical pipettes, Hawach has professional electronic control digital e-pipettes, which are lightweight and simple to operate on either hand. Made of chemically resistant materials, Hawach’s high-quality digital e-pipettes always provide wonderful performance and long working life.

Easier Operation Process

To satisfy a higher efficiency and easier operation in liquid transfer, Hawach is available in the electronic pipette. Compared with the mechanical pipette, it adopts automatic injection to shorten the whole liquid operation process to one step. Each time only needs to press the button, the liquid will hit the set volume. When the piston automatically bounces up and reset, the liquid automatically enters the liquid storage cavity through the one-way valve. The liquid is fed and separated by direct extrusion, thus the operation efficiency is obviously better than that of the conventional mechanical pipette.

Better Compatibility

When the same liquid needs to be added to multiple sample tubes or containers, the ordinary single-channel pipette can only add liquid to a single hole, at this occasion, a multi-channel pipette can perfectly meet your diverse needs. The chemically resistant materials can tolerate strong acid or corrosive liquids without affecting the accuracy and parallelism of pipetting. Moreover, convenient self-calibration and combination knob design can minimize the potential risks that may be occurred in the wrong operation and reduce the transfer of body heat to the pipette.