Pipette Operation Method

Hawach pipette is a measuring instrument used to accurately remove a certain volume of solution. The pipette is only used to measure the volume of the solution it emits.

It is a slender glass tube with a large expansion in the middle. The lower end is pointed mouth, and the upper neck is inscribed with a marking line, which is a mark of the exact volume removed. Therefore, we must pay attention to whether the operation method is correct. The following are the specific methods of operation:

Carefully remove the pipette and put it into the receiving container (in this process, the liquid in the pipe should not leak out). Make the tip of the pipette lean against the inner wall of the receiving container, keep the pipette vertical and accept the inclination of the container, lift the index finger of the right hand, let the liquid flow freely, wait about 15 seconds to remove the pipette.

Note that a small amount of liquid remaining at the tip can not be blown out by external force (except for the word “blowing” on the pipette).