Variety And Features Of HAWACH Sample Vials

High-efficient production, advanced technology, strong supply capability, excellent quality assurance, and perfect after-sales service make HAWACH your reliable partner. HAWACH’s mission is to provide quality services to its customers with professional knowledge, diligent work, and enthusiasm.

Variety of sample vials
Hawach offers many standard vials and vial kits for volatile sampling, compound storage, and other non-chromatography applications. Storage vials also called sample vials, which can be used in the package of biological agents, high-value chemistry, and so on. Screw thread top sample vials are widely used for storage purposes, vials with different volumes are available. Clear and amber two kinds of vial colors are available. Cap color includes white, yellow, red, black, and so on. Besides, pre-screwed are available.

Features of HAWACH sample vials

1. The sample vials supplied by HAWACH are produced from Class 1 borosilicate glass, which uses the optoelectronic subsystem to strictly control the dimensional accuracy and has good chemical inertness. The pad is a key part of the optimization analysis. The unqualified pad will pollute the sample. The Teflon/silica gel pad can seal the sample without pollution.
2. The key technical indicators, such as the inner and outer diameter of the bottle mouth and the bottle body, the precision of the threaded mouth, etc., all meet international requirements. Each batch of products undergoes strict quality inspection;
3. The size of the bottle mouth is accurate, to ensure accurate capture of the automatic sampler;
4. The brown sample bottle is suitable for chromatographic analysis and sample storage of photolabile samples;
5. Ultra-clean working environment production and packaging, specific packaging materials to reduce pollution

Snap Top Sample Vials
Screw Thread Top Sample Vials

Operation of sample vials

Hawach sample vials only use the highest quality materials to ensure proper function and follow rigorous standards of manufacturing to reduce the potential for contamination. Hawach offers various types of auto-sampler vials and matched caps and septa.

Before the operation, it is better to check and guarantee the sample vials is in good condition, if you find it damaged, you should stop using it, and contact us immediately, never deal with it casually. Place it in a cool and dry place, avoid direct violent operation.

Details on storage vial
Hawach Storage vial is an ideal device for general laboratory use and storage of diverse samples due to excellent sealability and chemical tolerance.

Besides, chemically inert caps are a good choice for most chromatography and storage applications. Top grade PTFE or Silicone septa are adopted to ensure cleaning production and consistent quality of sample vials.

The flat bottom profile can keep stable standing, and reduced sprinkle. Borosilicate glass is used as main material to enhance corrosion and temperature resistance. Superior quality with a favorable price is worthy of your order and more and cheaper.