Cleaning of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is a convenient and simple instrument in the laboratory for measuring liquid solutions. To ensure a long service life for the bottle-top dispenser, it is necessary to clean it periodically.


In the laboratory, there are many steps needed to perform liquid dispensing operations, and the creation of the bottle-top dispenser makes the dispensing operation accurate and does not waste reagents. When handling some corrosive liquids or solutions, it can guarantee the safety of the operator and the experimental environment, and can also withstand high temperatures and high pressure. It is more suitable for the liquid separation operation of hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, niacin, alkali, solvent, and some extremely dangerous liquids.


Bottle-top dispensers are generally not adjustable. The classification method is generally classified according to its capacity, say the 5ml, 25ml, and 50ml. Different sizes of bottle-top dispensers have the same working and application principles and are used in the same way.

HAWACH bottle-top dispensers

HAWACH’s bottle-top dispensers can be divided into manual and electric mode that satisfies and cover a range of 0.1-99.9ml capacity. It is made of optical glass, Al2O3, ETFE, PFA, FEP, PTFE, platinum-iridium alloy, and PP (hard hat). Convenient design ensures simple and economical cleaning and maintenance of the dispenser. Moreover, it is easy to operate, just pulling the piston sleeve up and down to complete the liquid separation.

China Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab
0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser

The innovation of Electronic Bottle-top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispenser supplied by Hawach scientific is ideal for safe, accurate and precise dispensing of acids, saline solutions, and organic solvents. The dispenser is simply controlled by the TFT touch screen display module. Either the fixed position dispense nozzle or the adjustable dispensing nozzle with a flexible tube are all provided by Hawach.

And a recirculation feature minimizes waste in the priming stage. A corded remote control is also included. The Bottle-top dispenser is totally portable and can be recharged in two hours providing nearly 24 hours usage. And alternatively, a multi-voltage power adaptor is applied to uninterrupted use.

Cleaning Procedures

Generally, there are several steps to be gone through to finish the whole cleaning procedure. First of all, set the scale of separation volume to zero position and cap the separation tubes.

Next, place the entire dispenser and the vial in a properly sized cleaning container, and then set the scale to the maximum separation volume. Secondly, separate the dispenser from the vial and remove all the remaining solutions (the make sure that the safety valve arrow points to the dispensing tube).

Thirdly, pour a suitable special cleaning solution (such as distilled water or acetone) into the cleaning container and immerse the dispenser in it. And then to repeatedly absorb and drain the solution several times. Finally, take down all the tubes to clean and dry separately.

Exceptional Occasions

Certain special circumstances need to clean the bottle-top dispenser immediately. For instance, it is inevitable to clean the dispenser after dispensing some restrictive solutions (such as strong salt solution and alkaline solution). Also, clean it before changing the dispensing sample solutions. Of course, clean the dispenser if there is a long time of no need to use it.