Use Method of Gas Sample Vial

It is well known that there are lots of types of sample vials applied to the storage and detection of different samples. What would be introduced below is the use of instruction of the sample vial for gas determination.

Use procedure

The first step is to connect the inlet valve of the sample vial to the sampling hose while all the other valves are closed. Meanwhile, remember to rinse the hose with the sample by opening the control valve and outlet valve. After completing the rinse process, partially fill the vial with a liquid phase sample when the control valve is closed.

Partially discharge the gas phase sample from the outlet valve before it is closed. And then discharge the residue of the liquid phase by opening the outlet valve once again. Repeat this process at least three times. Finally, close the inlet valve and the control valve and remove the connecting hose after the liquid phase sample is filled in the vial.


Check carefully the pressure change in the sample vial. If the pressure exceeds 4Mpa, then the vial should be released immediately to a pressure lower than 4MPa. The next one is the leakage check. Immerse the vial in water and check for leaks after draining a specified amount of liquid samples. the sample should be discarded if there is any leakage. The samples should be stored in a cool place until all tests are completed.

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