Flexible Control of Bottle-Top Dispenser

For use with a wide range of compatible liquids, including inflammable and corrosive liquids, bottle-top dispenser marketed by our company can be widely used in biology, pharmaceutical, clinical, and chemical labs. It is also fit for application in a variety of liquid reagents while providing superior sealing over a wide range of temperature. It is available in four different volume ranges, from 0.5 to 5 ml, 1 to 10 ml, 2.5 to 25 ml, and 5 to 50 ml.

Characteristics of Bottle -Top Dispenser
Bottle-top dispenser marketed by Hawach Scientific is characterized in good chemical tolerance, high-temperature disinfection and sterilization, and high-pressure resistance. The bottle is made of PTFE\ FEP\ BSG\ PP, which gives it maximum viscosity resistance. It is convenient to operate and maintain.

In addition, the upper and lower piston and plunger provide good sealing resistance, and this ensures the accuracy of the distribution process. Improved fluid technology makes liquid absorption faster, and the build-in sawtooth guideway enhances the repeatability of the volume setting. Complete accessories do good to perform special liquid distribution work such as aseptic operation or extraction from large containers.

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Advantages of Bottle-Top Dispenser

The convenient design ensures the simple and economic operation of the bottle-top dispenser. The smooth and precise piston moves up and down to make the operation convenient and comfortable.

Drainpipe helmet is easy to disassemble and install even wearing gloves and simultaneously avoids accidents or contamination caused by human contact with reagent. The transparent suction tube is suitable for all sizes of reagent bottles. Precise calibration design is conducive to the rapid design of volume.

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Operation of Bottle-top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispenser provided by our company is frequently used to dispense all kinds of liquids, which features outstanding performance for precise dispense of media. It is easy to disassemble for replacement of the dispensing cartridge. An optional flexible discharge tube with textured safety handle permits fast and precise dispensing, and integrated recirculation valve helps purge bubbles before dispensing.

Besides, disassembling or reassembling is facilitated by the limited number of well-connected parts, and there is no need for the tool. Key elements can be removed immediately for cleaning. And special attention is paid to component materials so as to guarantee a long instrument life.

Flexible Control of Bottle-top Dispenser

Hawach Scientific makes an endeavor to improve speed, simplicity, and precision of bottle-top dispenser and acquires obvious achievements in chemical compatibility, built-in safety, flexible dispensing options, and clear and easy control. Hawach bottle-top dispenser can be used with a wide selection of liquid reagents while providing superior sealing over diverse temperatures and viscosities.

Discharge tubes and filling tubes are available in sizes to meet diverse needs. And fixed and flexible discharge tubes are available. In the operation process, little force is required to move the piston up and down, because a liquid film between piston and cylinder works as a lubricant.