How to Select Sample Vials?

As essential tools in the laboratory, the glass sample vials we offer always provide exceptional resistance to heat shock and chemical leaching. You can find them in a wide range of sizes and cap configurations.

Type I borosilicate glass assures content integrity. Due to the small boron oxide particles in the glass, the silicate is held more closely together, which makes the glass much stronger to meet your needs in the lab. You can choose clear glass vials for the best visibility and amber glass ones for protection from UV rays when you work with light-sensitive products and applications. And we guaranteed that all Hawach vials, caps, and septa can work in your autosamplers perfectly.

Hawach sample vials are in three types: screw top, crimp top, and snap top. Suitable for research studies, screw-top sample vials are critical to the stability of the glass. The crimp top sample vials can provide a larger target area to improve the accuracy of the autosampler needle. And snap top sample vials can be easily applied and removed by hand.

20ml screw top headspace vials

Brief introduction of Sample Vial
The sample vial provided by Hawach has good quality and a pretty competitive price. Hawach has advanced automatic inspection machines to test products rigorously and a high degree of automation to ensure product quality. There are three types of sample vials, that is, screw-top sample vials, crimp-top sample vials, and snap-top sample vials. Each of them is manufactured in ISO-certified facilities and conforms to applicable international standards.

Hawach brings you not only reliable products but also excellent service and real value you shall expect and enjoy. Our samples are free and customers only need to pay the shipping fee. Besides, various specifications can be made according to the customer’s request.

Performance of Sample Vial

Hawach is continuously developing new sample vials to satisfy the needs of customers, and offers various types of auto-sampler vials and matched caps and septa. Sample vial influences the accuracy and precision of sample analysis, small order are acceptable, prompt delivery, and free samples are available.

Hawach sample vial is of strict quality control, best quality raw material, test before putting in storage and out of storage. All sample vials provide with high passing rate and low bottle broken on the liquid filling. Moreover, delicately designed crimp caps provide a tight seal to reduce the possibility of sample leakage and evaporation.

Clear Screw Thread Top Sample Vials & Caps for HPLC
2ml Screw Thread Top Sample Vials

Advantages of Sample Vial
Hawach sample vial is characterized in excellent cleanliness, good chemical compatibility, and seamlessly operation. Dimensional consistency from batch to batch is assured by strict quality system, crimping has greatly improved by the tightly controlled crown, and excellent core resistance is offered by superior materials such as PTFE, Silicone and PTFE septa.

All the sample vials are packaged in a unique box, which is designed to reduce sample bottle damage. Timely delivery and best service bring better purchasing experience to customers.