Bottle-Top Dispenser Purchasing Considerations

To purchase the most suitable bottle-top dispenser, it is necessary to compare one with another based on the unique and specific requirements of the customers. Several factors should be considered carefully during the purchasing selection.


The first and most important factor is the performance of the bottle-top dispenser, which is its accuracy and repeatability. For the vast majority of users (especially the individuals), however, it is difficult for them to test product performance before purchasing. Therefore, what they could mainly account for is the technical data and other relevant written materials provided by the manufacturer. It is essential to choose manufacturers with a high reputation and credit.

Management of Bottle-top Dispenser

Hawach Scientific constantly commits to maintain the good performance of bottle-top dispenser, suggestions on management and maintenance are followed. The deviation occurred in the operation process can be overcome by regular calibration. Free on-line calibration is provided, and the operation is simple, accurate and timely.

Novelty materials and high temperature and high-pressure structure are adopted, which has high efficiency and labor-saving effect, as well as easily liquid-moving. Each nozzle connection has an independent piston device, and special nozzle connection design is easy to observe the sealing condition of the nozzle.

0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser
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Reasons for Choosing Hawach Bottle-top Dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is available in fully adjustable sizes, variable volume bottle-top dispenser has an accuracy of delivery and a precision better than 0.1% CV. All models are fitted with an anti-drip safety valve to guard against drips.

A fine adjustment mechanism provides improved reproducibility for repeat dispensing, and the delicately designed delivery spout can accurately dispense samples into narrow neck containers. Besides, each unit is provided with an individual calibration certificate in accordance with ISO quality system standards.

Specifications of Bottle-top Dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser covers a volume range from 0.1ml to 99.9ml, max piston lift is 10ml, operating temperature ranges from 10℃ to 30℃, AND quality control conforms to DIN EN ISO 8655. All those specifications permit fast and precise dispensing.

Hawach gives different bottle adapter, which is suitable for most laboratory reagent bottles. Anti-drip tap ensures fine adjustment for exact and reproducible dispensing, easily removable PTFE piston improves cleaning and smooth action, unique design makes calibration mechanism easily adjusted.

Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab
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The quality of the bottle-top dispenser is also of great significance to be examined thoroughly. Not only the quality of the material but also the features of the material highly matters. For example, the housing should have high resistance to the corrosive samples and low thermal conductivity (such as PVDF material). the customers should select the ones with the highest quality but the lowest price.


The last factor is the safety performance of the bottle-top dispenser. It is mainly used for continuous pipetting operations on most occasions. Thus, the dispenser with a safety handle can be the first option for the customers. It will be much easier for them to use, even pipetting into a very thin tube.