The Use of Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser

The electronic bottle-top dispenser is one of the most commonly used equipments in the laboratory. It is the most ideal tool to use titration and accurately transmit the volume of titrating solution. In general, we can use the electronic bottle-top dispenser to make potentiometric titration, photometric titration, polarographic titration, conductometric titration, thermometric titration, and so on. Then, we can accurately, automatically, and reliably transmit the titrating solution.

Moreover, the electronic bottle-top dispenser has the functions of digital display of the liquid volume, automatic imbibition, automatic titration, and liquid adding with a fixed value. The transition of liquid adding and titration is automatically operated by the polytetrafluoroethylene rotary valve so that the electronic bottle-top dispenser has the advantages of acid resistance, alkali resistance, and organic matter resistance. In that way, the accuracy and reliability are both significantly improved.

In order to use the electronic bottle-top dispenser in a safe and stable environment, firstly, we need a stable power supply to make the equipment smooth and efficient operation. Each time after use, we must use distilled water or deionized water to wash the pipeline. The last but not least, we must make sure that all the solvents and samples do not contain granular dopants so that the equipment will not be blocked and damaged in the process of use.

Highlights of Bottle-top Dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser has some obvious highlights in applications. It can be sterilized and disinfected at high temperatures due to reliable quality. Glass-free materials reduce the risks of breaking and guarantee safety. The scientific design simplifies the operation process, from volume setting to liquid suction and liquid moving, one hand is enough. Additionally, each bottle-top dispenser has been carefully tested and calibrated in the factory to reduce errors and inhomogeneity. Hawach bottle-top dispenser is suitable for handling diverse kinds of solutions.

0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser

There are four matters needing attention for maintenance.

1. In order to maintain the good function of the dispenser, the dispenser should be cleaned regularly. If the piston does not move smoothly during dispensing, it needs to be cleaned immediately, and never hit hard.

2. The liquid separator must be cleaned after dispensing the liquid. Prevent the liquid from evaporating and drying. The residual liquid sticks to the valve. If this happens, it needs to be immersed in cold water for a few hours, or cleaned by an ultrasonic washer. Remove the piston as soon as possible, clean it, and use the laboratory’s common cleaning lotion or ultrasonic to clean the drainage system.

Disassemble the dispenser, and pull out the pipette.
Unscrew the drain tube (note: the threaded sleeve inside the valve block cannot be screwed).
Loosen the capacity adjustment system and pull it down to take it out.
Pull the dispensing handle together with the piston from the dispensing column.

3. If the remaining liquid is not in use, it can be left still.

4. After replacing the liquid, it is recommended to clean the dispenser with the cleaning solution or water several times.