The Specific Operation Steps of Bottle-Top Dispenser

The specific operation steps of the bottle-top dispenser are as follows:
(1) Put the dial scale at zero position and cover the nozzle of the bottle-top dispenser pipe cap.
(2) Place all bottle-top dispensers and reagent bottles inappropriate size cleaning containers, and then set the dial to the maximum amount of liquid.
(3) Remove the bottle-top dispenser by rotating from the reagent bottle (preferably with gloves).
(4) Place the separating pipe of the bottle-top dispenser on the bottle mouth of the reagent digital display change experimental machine, and slide the cap of the separating pipe backward to the position of the fixed steel strand tension experimental machine.
(5) Move the piston handle up and down and remove the remaining solution.
(6) Then a suitable special cleaning solution is put into the air-releasing spring pressure tester in the cleaning container, the suction tube is immersed in it, and the suction and drainage are repeated.
(7) Remove and discharge the remaining solution from the bottle-top dispenser after repeated cleaning with an appropriate solution (such as distilled water or acetone).
(8) Finally, the suction pipe, return pipe, and dispenser pipe is removed from the bottle-top dispenser and cleaned separately.