The Sample Vial of Push-in Type and Integral Sample Ring Type

Push-in Type
The design of a push-in automatic sample vial is also common, which is very similar to the manual sample vial. The syringe moves to the sample vial inhales a predetermined amount of sample, then moves to the injection port, and injects the sample into the sample ring.

The sample size required by this design method is much smaller than that of the inhalation design, and the suction and discharge of syringes are controlled by the stepping motor, so it can achieve high precision and accuracy. Normally, the deviation of injection results is less than 0.5%.
Meanwhile, the push-in automatic sample vial also contains some functions that the inhalation automatic sample vial does not have, such as arbitrary sample sequence, multi-solvent cleaning function, intelligently programmed sampling, etc. It meets the different sampling requirements of laboratory analysis.

Integral Sample Ring type

The whole sample ring automatic sample vial is more suitable for trace analysis with limited sample size, and there is basically no waste of samples. Its operation process is more complex than the above two.

During the whole sampling process of the whole sample ring automatic sample vial, the sample only exists in the cleaned sample ring, so all samples are injected without waste. The maximum volume of the sample ring depends on the capacity of the sample ring.