Properly Maintain the Bottle-Top Dispenser Importance

It is critical to identify any failure and properly maintain the bottle-top dispenser because it direct contact with chemical reagents; otherwise, data precision will be greatly affected and safety accidents may even occur.

Identification of tightness failures

Most failures are related to tightness, so leakage tests are necessary to maintain the excellent performance of the dispenser. The following two test means are recommended:
1. Set the dispenser to the largest capacity, take liquid with a sucker, and then take the sucker out from the liquid; 15s later, check if any liquid drops from the sucker;
2. Monitor leakage based on pressure variation by vacuum leakage test.

Routine maintenance and precautions
1. Clean dispenser and accessories such as handle, sealing ring, O ring, and piston, pipelines with deionized water regularly as specified;
2. Replace the sealing ring and O ring immediately in case of any crack or leakage;
3. Never face any part of the dispenser directly when disassembling for cleaning or maintenance or discharging liquids;
4. Never spill any solvent reagent onto the surface of the dispenser, or clean it immediately;
5. Keep dispenser and accessories clean after use.