The Classification of Sample Vial – Inhalation Type

For an inhalation automatic sample vial, the sample is sucked into the sample ring by the suction generated by the syringe. This design of automatic sample vials was very popular in the early days because of its simplicity and reliability. However, with the emergence of the other two designs, it gradually declined.

The syringe of the inhalation automatic sample vial is connected to the waste liquid discharge port, the sampling needle and the corresponding pipeline are connected to the injection port, and the needle is inserted into the sample vial. The syringe then sucks back until the sample is fully filled with the sample ring, and then rotates the circular gasket to inject the sample.

The design of the inhalation automatic sample vial is relatively simple. Only the sampling needle moves up and down along an axis. The sample vial is placed under the needle by rotating the sample tray, and then the sampling is started according to the demand.

The disadvantage of the inhalation automatic injection bottle is the waste of samples. Because the sample must be filled with sampling needles and connected pipes before entering the sample ring, it causes a certain degree of sample waste.