The Introduction of Hawach Sample Vial

In chromatographic experimental analysis, a device that can quantitatively feed a sample bottle into a chromatographic column is called a sample vial. Sample vials are divided into manual and automatic sample vials. The automatic sample vial is an intelligent and automatic sampling instrument bottle. It can complete the automatic sampling process only by setting the injection parameters and putting the samples to be tested.

Therefore, it is widely used in environmental testing, quality supervision, food hygiene, the chemical industry, grain and oil, judicial appraisal, scientific research institutions, and third-party testing institutions, and other fields.

The auto-sample vial is usually made of hydrolyzed glass or borosilicate with specifications ranging from 1 ml to 60 ml. Different sample vial mouth design to meet different practical operation needs. The cap matched with the injection vial can be divided into solid and hollow, and the color is varied. The size of the spacer in the cap varies with the size of the cap.

The cushion generally has one layer, two layers, and three layers. Each layer has a different or the same color. Cushion materials are generally composed of silica gel or rubber and Teflon.