The Characteristics of Bottle-Top Dispenser

With the increasing difficulty of detection and the increasing requirement of detection, a large number of analytical instruments have entered the laboratory, and bottle top dispenser is one of them. The characteristics of the bottle top dispenser are described in detail below.

1. Bottle top dispenser is a small laboratory liquid transfer equipment developed for some strong acids and alkalis, Aqua regia, HF, and various organic solvents.
2. This product reflects the high quality, performance, and reliability requirements of plastic factories.
3. High-quality Teflon material makes the product more durable and resistant to strong acids and alkalis. It is the special equipment for a special solution and reagent transfusion.
4. In Manual operation, the experimenter can easily control the flow of liquid.
5. Bottle mouth and bottle top dispenser have good sealing performance, the liquid does not leak; inside and outside wall is smooth, easy to clean, not easy to have liquid residue, and can be cleaned in boiling nitric acid.
6. This product is all made of Teflon material, which avoids the metal element mixing and improves the accuracy and tightness of the experiment.