The Introduction of Sample Vial

Sample vial, also known as sampling bottle, purification bottle, sterile bottle, clean bottle, filter bottles, etc., is essential for pollution detection. It is special equipment that is qualified for cleaning according to the international standard ISO3722 “Identification of Cleaning Method of Hydraulic Drive Sampling Vessel”.

Manufacturing Technology of Sample Vial

Taking the sample vial for the particle counter as an example, the manufacturing process of the sample vial is as followed.

The particular sample vial for the granule counter is made by a suit of technological processes, for instance, cleaning with the high accuracy ultrasonic cleaner, 1000-grade clean air shower, drying, and sealing. The cleanliness of the sample vial is NAS1638-1, which is a special sample vial for the liquid contamination test of the particle counter. The special sample vial for the particle counter is appropriate for sample gathering, high cleanliness reagents, fine-grained materials reference, and standard samples for various liquid granularity tests.

Sample vial for particle counter is mainly used for the following three purposes:

(1) It is used to collect liquid samples for particle contamination tests.
(2) It can be used to hold highly clean reagents.
(3) It is used for filling granular reference materials and standard samples.