The Situation of Pipette Corrosion Piston

Pipettes are an indispensable routine in the laboratory. They are used by every researcher, especially in the biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries. The durability and accuracy of the corresponding pipettes are of the utmost concern. Some customers often mention pipettes that corrode pistons. Someone might say: the piston of the pipette I use is corrosion-resistant! But Hawach still wants to remind two things:

1. Except for a few low-end pipettes that use all-plastic parts, most of them have metal parts in the piston assembly;
2. As long as it is contaminated by the piston, the internal air tightness of the pipette and the cross-contamination of the sample may be reduced regardless of the material of the piston.

It is necessary for the laboratory to establish and improve SOP (standard operating procedures) for pipettes and strict pipette operation management. At the same time, the laboratory should periodically verify or calibrate the instrument to ensure traceability of its magnitude and provide necessary maintenance and maintenance to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the equipment.

Hawach provided the pipettes, such as Electronic Control Digital Pipettes, Standard 8/12 Channels Adjustable Pipettes, and Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes.

Standard Single-Channel Fixed Pipettes
Standard 8 & 12 Channel Adjustable Pipettes