Classification of Hawach Bottle-Top Dispenser

Mechanical bottle-top dispensers and electronic bottle-top dispensers for liquid handling are the two main types of bottle-top dispensers in Hawach Scientific Co. Ltd with the mini-type instrument.

Bottle-top dispensers in Hawach Scientific Co. Ltd, which is one of the most common instruments in the experiment, are the safest and most convenient liquid transfer devices. They can handle dangerous or toxic solvents such as acids, saline solutions, and organic solvents and are capable of accurate and highly repeatable liquid separation without waste of reagents while providing safety assurance for operators and the experimental environment.

Other services

The pipettes/ bottle-top dispenser in our company both have the verification certificate of “The Beijing Institute of Metrology and testing”. We can provide you with the operation and guidance of liquid transfer, including the provision of geographical services, intelligent solutions, and suggestions, and support the practical application of knowledge solutions to meet your special needs in the laboratory. Let your progress with confidence.

China Mechanical Bottle-Top Dispensers for Lab
0.1~99.9mL Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser