The Function Characteristics of Bottle-Top Dispenser

1. The operation is simple. The liquid separation can be completed by pulling the sleeve up and down.

2. Dispensette III is made of borosilicate glass, platinum-iridium, ETFE/EP/FA, PP, and other materials. It can resist strong acids, alkalis, and salt.

3. Safe drainage system: The combined safe drainage system can prevent the liquid from flowing out when the drainage pipe is not installed properly.

4. Safety valve: The use of internal circulation exhaust bubbles, which not only avoids waste of solution but also ensures the accuracy of liquid separation.

5. Safety cap for drainage pipe: When drainage is finished, the safety cap should be screwed on in time to prevent residual liquid from dropping and reduce the risk of reagent contact.

6. Embedded pipette: The length of the pipette can be adjusted for reagent bottles of different specifications.

7. The bottle-top dispenser is fixed on the reagent bottle. It can rotate at 360 C. The direction of the outlet tube can be adjusted to ensure that the label of the reagent bottle is always in the visual position.

8. Standardize multiple bottle-mouth adapters for reagent bottles of various specifications.