How to Select the Sample Vials When Doing Top Spatial Gas Analysis

Simply speaking, the top space analysis is to analyze the gas in the sample bottle. Laboratory bottles for top spatial analysis are called top-empty bottles. The top spatial gas analysis in the experiments usually needs sample vials. Therefore, choosing suitable sample vials is more important. What will be considered when choosing the vials?

The first factor we should consider is the size. Classically, there are various specifications for us to select. Using a suitable sample vial can help ensure adequate space, which is quite necessary for the experimenters when doing the experiment. Generally speaking, the reserved capacity after comparison should be at least 50% of the sample volume.

The second factor that we should think about is the radian of the bottom of the sample vials. The sample vials have two kinds of bottoms. One is round, and the other is flat. Both types are suitable for sampling. However, the round-bottomed one tends to be more capable of storing samples. And the round-bottomed one can withstand higher pressure and be more compatible with other applications.

The third factor is the cap of the sample vials. It’s necessary to make sure that the cap is not tightened excessively. The cap is reusable. And we need to find out more about the correct use of the caps of the sample vials.