Performance Characteristics of Bottle-top Dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser is suitable for hydrofluoric acid, strong acid, nicotinic acid, alkalis, solvents, and extremely dangerous liquids. It adopts an integrated PTFE structure. The separating process contacts the reagent material PTFE and sapphire.

The discharging valve has no spring structure and no risk of corrosion and metal ion contamination reagent. It is suitable for trace analysis. Safety valves should be strengthened to avoid leakage of nicotinic acid/malodorous chemical liquid odor. The separating cylinder meets the ISO 8655 calibration standard.

1. The whole set of glass is made of GG17 high borosilicate glass with excellent chemical and physical properties.
2. Frequency conversion speed regulation, AC induction motor.
3. Special PTFE material design mixing plug, perfect technology, high cost-effective corrosion resistance.
4. The discharging part is a specially designed PTFE valve with a glass flange. There is no dead angle in the container. It can be disassembled to facilitate solid material discharging.
5. The sealing performance of the whole machine can be up to 0.095 MPa under static negative pressure.
6. The structure of the whole machine is scientific, and visualization features are prominent, practical, and novel.