Cleaning Methods of Crimp Headspace Sample Vial

It is well known that each laboratory has a large number of samples to be tested by liquid or gas chromatography. Consequently, there are lots of sample vials that need to be cleaned during the test even though it’s time-consuming. Since the cleanliness of the vials may affect the test results, it is necessary to learn about the proper cleaning methods of the crimp headspace sample vial.

Alcohol Ultrasonic Cleaning Method

This first step is to immerse the whole empty vial into the alcohol of 95%, due to its compatibility with most organic solvents. Then dry it after washing it twice by ultrasound. Afterward, pour some clear water into the vial and continue to wash it by ultrasound twice. Finally, dry it at 110℃ for 1~2 hours after draining the inner washing solution. The whole cleaning procedure would be finished until the vial is cooled down to the normal temperature.

Pure-water Ultrasonic Cleaning Method

By using this method, the sample vial should be rinsed with tap water several times in the first stage. Next, put the vial in a container filled with pure water wash it by ultrasound for 15 minutes, and repeat this procedure twice. Then soak it in a container with pure ethanol for a while. In the end, take it out and dry it naturally.