Features and Merits of Sample Vial

Features of Sample Vial

Sample vial supplied by Hawach has their special merits, concretely speaking, our company always has a keen sense of smell to the market, and keep continuously improve our product quality and production efficiency. Whole sample vials are featured in good quality control, consistent quality between batches, excellent corrosion tolerance, and excellent core resistance.

Besides, there is a precision-formed neck for optimal robotic arm handling and long sample storage life. High cleanliness and good sealing are good for multiple injections without sample pollution or leakage.

Merits of Sample Vial

The sample vial designed by Hawach is ideal for general laboratory use and storage of samples. Tips for attention are listed here to prolong service life. The cylindrical shape provides solid balance, and flat bottom facilitates free-standing capability, all these properties can not only protect the sample bottle from damage but also save storage space.

In addition, here you get a variety of sizes and types of sample vials for pharmaceutical products. Manufactured materials are meticulously selected, therefore sample vial is of low particle, low background chromatography, low expansion rate, high-temperature resistance, high hardness, and high light transmittance.