Installation and Merits of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Installation of Bottle-top Dispenser
Bottle-top dispenser provided by Hawach Scientific features built-in safety, it includes a safety system with a discharge tube and a closure cap to avoid accidental dispensing or spilling. Smooth piston design provides effortless dispensing, adapters allow fitting to standard reagent bottles, and a slotted discharge tube ensures correct installation and safe operation.

Besides, the inner glass piston is enclosed in an inert sleeve to prevent damage and allow smooth operation. Changing accessories is fast and easy. Discharge tubes and filling tubes are available in many sizes to meet client needs. In addition, it is easy to control the knob with adjustable volume, and it needs very little force to move the piston up and down.

Merits of Bottle-top Dispenser
Currently, the bottle-top dispenser marketed by our company is famous for superior performance and good after-sale service. All products are guaranteed by strict technical control and good material such as PTFE, FEP, BSG, and PP.

Meanwhile, discharge tubes and filling tubes are also available in many sizes to meet client needs, they are fixed and flexible discharge tubes. Confidence is built on quick and easy servicing and maintenance, and clients can greatly benefit from the ease of operation, superior safety, and low maintenance.