The Basic Things You Should Know About Bottle-Top Dispensers

Attached to the top of the bottles, the bottle-top dispenser is a family of instruments with proven precision that offer many advantages in routine liquid-handling operations that is able to meet all the requirements for test equipment monitoring. More importantly, it ensures continuous operation without downtime. It is composed of a positive displacement piston and a PFA sealing lip. Reagent loss while ventilating is avoided with the innovative recirculation valve.


The bottle-top dispenser is designed to attach directly to your reagent bottle eliminating poured transfer. These features make it popular in the market, with better reliability, lower operating forces, and an upgraded discharge and sealing system.


Hawach bottle-the top dispenser is suitable for a wide variety of applications and can be used in practically any operation since the materials come into contact with media. The bottle-top dispenser is frequently seen at kinds of laboratories in hospitals, universities, research institutes, and so on.

It is a continuous quantitative dosing device for various test solutions, radioisotopes, and biological agents during chemical analysis tests. It is the best way to dispense aliquots of liquid from large glass or plastic bottles.