Selection Instruction for Septa of Sample Vial

The sample vials are usually equipped with matched septa during the production process. To maintain the higher and better performance of the sample vial, it is quite essential to choose the most suitable septa of sample vial used for the experiments based on the compatibility of the material.

PTFE Septa
The PTFE septa are highly resistant to corrosive solvents. Although its thin film could be subjected to the penetration of most needles, the PTFE septum is not resealable. Thus, it must be used in sampling analyses with short injection intervals or single injections.

PTFE/silicone synthetic septa, on the contrary, is available for all types of chromatography applications, especially for most HPLC and GC applications. It can withstand multiple punctures with repeat sealing performance and high purity and inertness. It could be used with the sampling devices of Agilent 1050, 1090, 1100, or other autosamplers with large-diameter blunt needles.

PE Septa
The PE septa are chemically resistant, whose surface penetration thickness is 0.01 millimeters. It is only suitable for single injection and ideal for fine gauge needles.

PP Septa
Just like the PE septa, the PP septa also have high chemical resistance to most solutions. It is also appropriate for a one-time sampling injection.