Knowledge and Features of Pipette Tip

As we all know, the right pipette tip is essential to deliver reproducible and accurate results for customers, therefore our company specializes in affordable and high-quality pipette tips, and makes an endeavor to widen materials and styles for various applications.

Popular pipette styles supplied are as follows: advanced pipette tips, standard pipette tips, and advanced filter pipette tips. All pipette tips are soft and flexible, and yet also extremely durable. These specially crafted pipette tips fit perfectly on almost any pipette.

Knowledge of Pipette Tips:

  1. Materials:
    • Pipette tips are commonly made of polypropylene, although some specialized applications may use materials like polyethylene, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), or conductive polymers.
  2. Volume Range:
    • Pipette tips come in various sizes to accommodate different pipette volume ranges. They are available for microliter, milliliter, and larger volume pipettes.
  3. Compatibility:
    • It is crucial to select pipette tips that are compatible with the specific model and brand of pipette you are using. Not all tips are universal.
  4. Sterility:
    • Some applications require sterile pipette tips to prevent contamination. These tips are typically individually wrapped or come in sterile racks.
  5. Filter Tips:
    • Some pipette tips have integrated filters to prevent aerosol contamination and ensure precise dispensing, especially with volatile or infectious materials.
  6. Certification and Quality:
    • High-quality pipette tips may come with certifications of calibration or quality control, indicating that they have been tested for accuracy and precision.
  7. Color-Coding:
    • Pipette tips often come in various colors, which can help in quickly identifying specific volume ranges or applications.
  8. Racked or Reload System:
    • Pipette tips can be supplied in racks for easy handling and storage, or as a reload system where tips are loaded into reusable racks.

Features of Pipette Tip

Currently, the pipette tip provides great value to academics, researchers, and general labs. Pipette tips provided by Hawach Scientific are designed to provide customers with excellent liquid treatment effects and through strict control, procedures to ensure consistency, so as to obtain extraordinary suction flatness and reduced coefficient of variation.

Additionally, these low-retention pipette tips are engineered to dispense liquid in a precise and repeatable manner so as to ensure that the exact amount of solution with each and every tip is measured. Pipette tips are all made of non-sterile PP materials and are highly appreciated for its high-temperature resistance and good corrosion tolerance.

  1. Graduations:
    • Some pipette tips have graduated markings to provide a visual indication of the liquid volume being aspirated.
  2. Low Retention:
    • Low-retention pipette tips are designed to minimize sample retention on the inner surface of the tip, ensuring accurate and complete sample transfer.
  3. Universal Fit:
    • Certain pipette tips are designed with flexible sealing mechanisms to fit a variety of pipette brands, providing a secure seal and preventing sample loss.
  4. Aerosol Resistance:
    • Filter tips are designed to prevent aerosols from escaping during pipetting, providing an extra level of safety when handling hazardous materials.
  5. Non-Stick Coating:
    • Some pipette tips have a hydrophobic or non-stick coating to facilitate complete sample dispensing.
  6. Autoclavability:
    • Many pipette tips are autoclavable, allowing for sterilization and reuse.
  7. Low Binding Surfaces:
    • Tips with specially treated surfaces reduce the binding of certain molecules, ensuring accurate results in applications like PCR and molecular biology.
  8. Specialized Tips:
    • There are specialized pipette tips available for specific applications, such as extended-length tips for reaching deep vessels or gel-loading tips for electrophoresis.

Understanding the different types and features of pipette tips is crucial for selecting the appropriate tips for specific applications, ensuring accurate and precise liquid handling in the laboratory.