Bottle-Top Dispenser From HAWACH

HAWACH specializes in laboratory consumables products in biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, industry, education, government agencies, and health industries. Its products have been exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Mexico, Israel, and other countries in more than 70 countries. HAWACH is here to help you find the right unit for your laboratory needs.

How to choose the right bottle-top dispenser
Three important factors need to be considered for you to choose the right bottle-top dispenser: volume, liquid type( strong acids, organic solvents, sterile media, trace metal-free liquids and saline solutions, etc.), and the operation mode (manual or automatic).

HAWACH bottle-top dispenser
The HAWACH bottle-top dispenser is able to reproduce dispensing, without wasting any reagent. There are different adapters of your choice to fit glass or plastic bottles of various types. The unique features are:

1. Easy to install a discharge tube available with or without an integrated recirculation valve
2. Easy cleaning and maintenance without additional sealing rings
3. Specially shaped filling valve for firmer attachment of filling tubes
4. Improved flow technology for faster priming