Screw Thread Top Sample Vial

Hawach screw thread top sample vial is used for all the general autosamplers. It is easy for the operators to cap or uncap the sample vial without using any additional tools. There are matched septum for the vials, which greatly ensures the sealing performance.


The screw thread top sample vial is made of superior borosilicate glass, which has good chemical resistance to acidic, alkaline and some neutral solutions. Moreover, it has excellent sealing and corrosion resistance while being available in both clear and brown. Besides, the septum used for the vials ensure proper function by only using high-quality PTFE/silica materials.

In particular, it is especially suitable for gas chromatography applications with excellent inertness. The thickness of the septum is usually 1.5mm, which can be injected multiple times. Usually, the vial has a scale, which is easy for the workers to read the specific volume of the samples. The whole production process is conducted in an ultra-clean work environment to reduce pollution.


As we all know, the main application of the screw thread top sample vial is being used together with the automatic sampling device. Besides, it is also often used as the storage samples in pharmaceutical factory.