Brief Introduction and Performance of Sample Vial

Sample vial produced by Hawach Scientific is suitable for high precision laboratories with high requirements and is particularly fit for storing laboratory samples.

Actually, Hawach Scientific owns a strong team of technical after-sales service and strict quality management procedures, which aims to provide customers with first-class product quality and good production efficiency.

Special design in sample vials can remove the human factor, provide customers with the ideal confidentiality and consistency, and avoid over-tightening. Our sample vials are sold all over the world network of distributors and support a full range of our business.

Performance of Sample Vial

Sample vial provided by our company is noted for good performance, there is some brief description of it. All the sample vials are packaged in an independent box which is designed to reduce sample bottle damage and contamination; precision molded neck can improve auto-sampler processing; strict quality assurance provides dimensional consistency from batch to batch; wide warranted compatibility can match various auto-sampler; crimp caps offer a tight seal to reduce the possibility of sample evaporation; and pre-assembled caps can avoid accidents occurred from liquid spatter.