Matters Need Attention on Bottle-Top Dispenser

Bottle-top dispenser supplied by Hawach has good quality and attractive appearance, and there is some attention to prolonging their service life of it. It is necessary to ensure that the inlet valve and drain pipe, as well as all valves, are properly installed and tightly screwed to avoid spatter of piston movement.

Please stop immediately when a failure occurs in drainage, and do not operate violently, so as not to further damage the instrument. Besides, once you finished all the operations, please buckle the helmet of the drain pipe to prevent the liquid in the outlet from dripping due to gravity or absorbing water vapor from the air.

Performance of Bottle-Top Dispenser

Hawach is committed to developing a series of bottle-top dispensers featured with concise structure, and reliable and durable performance. The dispenser adopts PEEK materials, which provide perfect high-temperature resistance, strong corrosion tolerance, good self-lubricity, and mechanical properties.

Special process technology greatly improved mechanical properties and shock resistance. The electronic control system is beneficial for a stable batching process and the reduction of repeated strain damage.