Sample Vials

Sample vials can be used for a variety of test sampling and testing, made of high borosilicate hard materials, fine workmanship, low expansion coefficient, good thermal stability, stable chemical performance, good sealing performance, acid and alkali resistance, and organic solvents, which can be used to store a variety of chemical substances.

Features of sample vials
1. High temperature and high-pressure resistance;
2. Acid and alkali, organic reagent, concentrated sulfuric acid resistance;
3. Anti-leakage screw cap;
4. High hardness and transparency.

Proprietary technology involved in the production of sample vials:
1. Cleaning process;
2. Sterilization process;
3. Drying process;
4. Detection process;
5. Packaging technology.

Sample vials with thread design can achieve extremely strong repeat sealing, which is suitable for holding high purity reagents, particle type standard substance, and standard sample and sample collection of all kinds of liquid particle size tests.

Sample vials, adopt a complete set of technological processes including high-precision ultrasonic cleaning machines, thousand-grade clean air showers, drying, and sealing, whose cleanliness is very high. Hawach has more than 8 kinds of sample vials for your selection.