Learn About Hawach Sample Vials

With a different range of material manufacturing and capacity options, sample vials are usually used for collecting, storing, and transporting samples in the lab. You can find non-sterile or sterile vials in the color of amber or clear transparencies for a better view.

Hawach glass sample vials have a variety of sizes in clear or amber glass. For superior chemical resistance, clear vials are made of low extractable borosilicate glass. For protecting light-sensitive products, amber vials are made from borosilicate glass.

Three different types of sample vials are available: screw top, snap top, and crimp top. It’s convenient that both snap vials and crimp vials can fit with either snap or crimp caps. And Snap caps can easily be applied and removed by hand. To ensure seamless operation with your autosampler, the crimp cap sample vial provides a bigger target area for improved autosampler needle accuracy.

And we guarantee that all of our vials, septa, and caps can work with the autosampler perfectly.