What We Should Pay Attention to When Using Pipette?

How do we correct the pipette when using it to avoid errors and affect the accuracy of the experiment?

1. For liquids with large concentrations and viscosities, errors will occur. To compensate for the error, the amount of compensation can be determined by experiment. The amount of compensation can be set by changing the reading of the reading window with the adjustment knob.

2. The pipette can be calibrated by weighing the weight of the purified water and calculating it using an analytical balance. Note: 1mL of distilled water weighs 0.9982g at 20°C. Do not rotate the button out of the range within the pipette range. Otherwise, the mechanism will be stuck and the pipette will be damaged.

3. When setting the range, please note that the number is clearly displayed in the display window and rotated to the required range.

4. Do not use a large-scale pipette to remove a small volume of liquid, so as not to affect the accuracy. Also, if you need to remove a larger amount of liquid outside the range, use a pipette.

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