Bottle-Top Dispensers

Bottle-top dispensers are used for dispensing liquids, which adapts for use in biological laboratories, biological applications, chemical, chemical, trace analysis, harsh environments.

Matters needing attention when using bottle-top dispensers
1. Avoid splashing;
2. Don’t make technical changes;
3. Do not remove the drain pipe when there is liquid in the cylinder;
4. The piston should move at a steady and uniform speed;
5. Wear protective gloves when separating hazardous liquids.

Restricted operations of bottle-top dispensers

Liquids that can form precipitates (concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and fluorinated hydrocarbons) can cause piston viscosity or blockage. When distributing flammable materials, precautions should be taken to avoid static electricity.

Cleaning of bottle-top dispensers

In the following cases, the instrument must be clean to ensure its performance.
1. Piston viscosity;
2. After the liquid that can form precipitates is distributed;
3. Before distributing another liquid;
4. Liquid accumulates in the helmet;
5. Before the sterilization
6. Before replacing the valve.

Bottle-top dispensers need to be steam sterilization for 20 minutes (121℃and 2 bar) and cool in the autoclave sterilizer.

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