Recommend The Right Range Of Pipettes To Our Customers

Below we take the Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes as an example:

Ordinary precision adjustable pipettes generally range from 0.1uL to 10mL. The different ranges are shown in the table below:

Advanced Fully Autoclave Single-Channel Adjustable Pipettes Range
10-100 uL
20-200 uL
50-200 uL

Different models of pipettes have different ranges. When we choose a pipette, it often appears in a certain range, and several different types of pipettes can be satisfied. How can we choose the most suitable pipette?

Example: A pipette is required, and the volume of frequent pipetting is 20uL. We have 4 different types of pipettes available for 2-20uL / 5-50uL / 10-100uL / 20-200uL. Which pipette is the smallest pipette at 20uL?

According to the conventional thinking of our daily choice of products, we believe that if the target volume is in the middle range, it will be the most appropriate, and the empirical choice is 5-50uL. Is this the case? Let’s take a look at the data results:

Let’s use these four models of pipettes for an error analysis:

The error of range at 20uL
2-20uL accuracy <±0.2uL
5-50uL accuracy <±0.26 uL
10-100 uL accuracy <±0.28 uL
20-200 uL accuracy <±0.3 uL

It can be seen that the selection of 2-20uL pipettes is the most suitable target volume of 20uL in terms of accuracy and precision.

In the choice of pipettes, we tend to follow a rule: use a large range as the basis for selecting pipettes. As mentioned above, if you want to pipette at 20uL, you can choose a 20uL shift. The liquid filter is most suitable.