Sample Vials Caps

A sample vials cap (or gasket), made of paper, rubber, corkwood, metal, glass fiber, or plastic polymer, is placed between the two planes to strengthen the seal and prevent fluid leakage. Machined surfaces cannot be perfect so use caps to fill in irregularities. Asbestos may be present in caps for specific applications.

The function of the sample vials cap

1. Prevent damage to objects caused by the use of spring pads in the process of removing screws.
2. Increase the contact area.
3. It can be used in some special situations.
4. Increase friction.

The choice of sample vial caps material mainly depends on the following three factors: temperature, pressure, and media. According to its material and structural characteristics, caps can be divided into non-metallic caps, metallic caps, and metal-non-metallic composite caps, each category of which also can be subdivided into a number of types.

Sealing sample vials cap installation requirements

1. The sealing surface shall be cleaned.
2. When the sealing cap is pressed, it is best to use a torque wrench.
3. When installing the sealing caps, tighten the nuts in sequence.
4. The pre-tightening force of the sealing cap shall not exceed the design specification.