Nine Features of the Bottle-Top Dispenser

Hawach bottle-top dispenser combines the latest liquid accurate dispensing technology, high-tech materials, and ergonomically designed advanced dispensers, which are simple, safe, reliable and highly accurate laboratory liquid handling equipment.

Bottle-top dispenser features

1. Fast volume setting, precise scale design
2. Smooth and precise piston sliding up and down, making operation convenient and comfortable
3. Drain tube helmet can avoid contact with reagents, even if it is equipped with gloves, it can be easily installed or removed.
4. Suitable for any reagent bottle in the laboratory
5. Transparent pipette for reagent bottles of various sizes
6. Has strong chemical resistance
7. Can be sterilized by high temperature
8. Cover a range of 0.5-50ml capacity
9. The convenient design ensures simple and economical cleaning and maintenance of the dispenser

As a routine laboratory liquid handling product, the bottle-top dispenser is widely used for liquid handling of various chemical reagents. Bottle-top dispensers may be used in conjunction with a variety of different instruments in the laboratory to meet a variety of needs.

The bottle-top dispenser cannot produce internal dissolved matter during liquid storage and operation, otherwise, it will interfere with trace element analysis, produce cytotoxin, interfere with optical properties, and affect the chromatographic analysis.